Keep up the pace!

Thousands of people start running each year. But those beginnings are not easy at all. After the first training sessions, it is hard to believe that all this running and lack of breath can give you any pleasure. And there are even some people who are able to run for few hours nonstop. What is the secret of running? The right pace! Proper training intensity guarantees that it will be a pleasure and not a burden.

The number of regular runners is certainly smaller than those who tried to run, but gave up on this. But with a little bit of effort, you can move from being a beginner to a proper runner. There are two groups of people who run/try to run. Let’s have a look :

  • Those who are already running and find it fun/okey. They have some breaks from time to time, maybe shorter, maybe longer but they always know how to go back to running.
  • Those who do not run but tried for whatever reason they wanted to. They usually have two the same explanations for which they do not run anymore, although they are aware of the benefits of running (cardiovascular benefits, weight, etc.):
    • because I’m bad in running
    • It’s too tiring

Generally speaking, they went to run, ran a bit and after a few minutes they had enough. And even if they managed to run for 3-10 minutes they were so exhausted that they couldn’t get better the whole day. The truth is that if you do not know that you have obvious health-related contraindications, you probably do not have them (if you have questions, talk to your doctor). That is why there is no such thing as you are bad at running or that it is too tiring for you. You just had a bad start.


Every one of us, I guarantee, has the same running desire – that is, everyone would like to run fast, long and get tired relatively little.

But not everyone can run so fast, not everyone can run fast at the beginning. This is one of the biggest sins of all beginners – too fast start (too fast for your current abilities). Where does it come from? We all just want to run fast, sometimes we can restlessly run around slowly as everyone around is running so fast and passing us by. Forcing yourself to run is something that conflicts with our need to run fast and not look weird. But there is no other way.

How to deal with the first workout so that it is not the last workout.

Begin with 3-4 workouts per week.

5 minutes, free walk, 5 minutes’ fast walk, 10 minutes of shuffling, at the end easy jog as long as you want. Watch the time each time you do free jog- you will see how fast you are progressing. Write down your time after each run. How often should you run at the beginning? It depends on your well-being. If you feel tired after workout take a day off, if not, you can run day after day.