Main reasons to prove why it is worth running

Ask a runner why he’s running. One will say something like “it’s healthy”. The second will begin to tell you bunch of stories about the beneficial effects of running on all aspects of life. Everyone is different and everyone has its own reasons to do jogging. That’s why I decided to present to you the ten most important reasons why should you try this sport.

Health and strength

Entering aerobic sports – such as running – strengthens the heart, improves lung function and blood circulation. Thanks to that, we are more efficient, resilient and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, one of the most common illnesses nowadays.


A runner is a free man. He can practice his favourite sports with a friend, on his own, at any time of the day or night, in the woods or on the street. He can run as fast as he wants and as far as he wants. In short – a runner chose a sport that he can pracise with intensity appropriate to his age and ability giving him the freedom of choice.


Research shows that running is a great anti-stress agent. In the fight against the onset of depression wins with medication in pills. Runners enjoy greater energy, confidence, and wellbeing. They can enjoy simple things: the greenery of trees, the wind, the rain and the sun.

Slim figure

If you start to run to lose a few pounds, then I have good news for you: running is one of the most intense fat burning sports you can choose. It is an excellent ingredient in a clever slimming program. In addition, regular runners tend to change their diet to various, rich in vitamins and micronutrients meals. Also, if you run, you should drink a lot of water that is beneficial for fat losing.

The details, details

You will not need tons of equipment and a thick wallet. All you need are good shoes. Your training room is the whole world. As they say we-all-know-where “Just do it”.


Runners are open-minded people. Common passion and experience connect them so often runners treat each other like old friends. Diminished age differences. And when you run with someone on a regular basis – you really get to know that person.

How old am I?

Running is a lifelong sport. You can see both twenty years old running as well ans seventy years old! And it’s never too late to try – just do it wisely.


Regular jogging changes a person not only physically but mentally. It becomes „cleaner” and wants to cherish this purity. He cares about proper nutrition, tries to improve his lifestyle, reduces the amount of alcohol and other drugs he consumes, sleeps better.

Brain at 102%

Not only the runner’s legs are strong. His mind is also strong. During training sessions can think a lot, look at many things from a completely different perspective. Deep in yourself. Running makes you a more mature and independent person who has the joy of a child.

No, you are not a wimp!

One of the running phenomena is the progress that can be made. Tired, after having run two, three miles, runner checks the time and… run even faster and further than before. You do not know how much satisfaction it gives you to break your own barrier until you taste it!


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