Reasonable diet habits for runners

Obesity is one of the civilization diseases of western societies of the 21st century. A lot of people start to do sports just to lose weight and find their passion about for example running. Sports activity itself does a lot to your body, but often it is not enough, so many people complain that despite running, they still weigh too much. Most people who want to dump unnecessary kilograms go on diet. Most harsh diets help to lose a lot of pounds but in the short run.

Why there are so many people struggling to maintain optimal weight?

It’s a bit like with saving money. If we do not have well-formed habits then a sudden intent will not help us much (it’s as if we wanted to save a lot of money by tightening the waist for 2 months … not possible). What’s more, a sudden, radical rupture causes often the opposite effect occurs – the jojo effect.

How to lose weight “permanently”? What to do to lose weight so it is not a torture for us?

Instead of going several times a year on strict diets full of sacrifices, I suggest instead to get some good eating habits. What is very important: they should be introduced gradually (for example after 1 point from the list below for one week, so to focus on one habit at a time of time). They will not make you lose 2 pounds overnight (not too quick to lose weight), but they will make it easier for you to maintain your normal weight in the future. And most importantly, by applying to most of them you will not have to feel that something is missing in your life; You will not feel discomfort (so common in most diets), which often makes people return to bad eating habits.

Here are my tips:

1) Stop drinking beverages rich in superfluous calories. So many people have a problem with weight because they drink tea. Just a regular black tea, but with loads of sugar in it. If someone drinks these teas (or coffee, for example) 5-6 a day, he takes a good supply of carbohydrates from the very intake of fluids. The same happens with carbonated drinks and juices that contain large amounts of sugar. Instead of drinking those type of drinks, you just have to make a habit of drinking water. The next time you want to quench your thirst and stand in the store in front of a shelf of drinks, instead of Coke, reach for mineral water. If you are currently having 2 teaspoons of sugar, try to use just one. After a while you will see that this one teaspoon will be enough for you to change your sweet sensation. And after some time, at all (without unnecessary sacrifices) will you give up on adding sugar to the tea / coffee.

2) Eat regularly a reasonably large breakfast. As many studies show, what most often distinguishes overweight people from people with normal weight is the lack of eating habits of breakfast. If we do not eat enough breakfast in the morning then we will be hungry later almost all day. A similar thing has to do with the dinner. If during the day we do not eat enough of a warm meal, we have guaranteed that in the evening we return to the kitchen to munch a little. Do not have time for a breakfast in the morning? Get up 10 minutes earlier.

3) Control what you eat after drinking alcohol. It is often said about a beer belly that is supposedly growing from excessive beer consumption. Although alcohol is caloric, it most often is not a direct cause of weight gain. The real problem is a great appetite that comes after drinking beer. If we add to this the tendency to eat fast food when drunk (at the evening / night when your body is not used to such a caloric bomb) then weight gain is guaranteed. When next time at a party after a few pints you start to looking for chips, think how it can influence your shape. It would be a shame to ruin your efforts with love for crisps.

4) Eat regularly to avoid craving for food. Weight gain is often caused by single meals that provide over excess number of calories. And these caloric bombs are caused by craving for food, which most often results in too long breaks between the meals. Therefore, instead of eating 3 large meals per day, most dieticians recommend eating 5 smaller ones.

5) Take care of your physical activity. And here again, I am recommending the method of small steps. It cannot be like with New Year resolution when you sign up to the gym and go there 3 times. It is better to introduce physical activity gradually in every day situations. Are you planning a meeting for a coffee with you friend? Maybe it’s better to go for a walk in the park? You drive everywhere, (even to a shop that is 400 meters from the house? Leave your car in the garage and stroll for a while. Then think of adding more exercises to your daily routine.

Do you have any other simple pieces of advice, which implementation requires a little bit of effort and promotes weight reduction? Share here.


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