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Born to run? There’s an app for that.

Oh phones. Our shiny little mini computers that pretty much do anything we want whether its ordering a pizza, watching movies on a tiny screen or getting in to arguments on Twitter. But can a phone make you run? And run better? Let’s talk about that…


Keep up the pace!

Thousands of people start running each year. But those beginnings are not easy at all. After the first training sessions, it is hard to believe that all this running and lack of breath can give you any pleasure. And there are even some people who are able to run for few hours nonstop. What is …


Running for beginners

If you got here to my blog, it’s likely that you will start running soon or have already started.  You probably want to start an adventure with a new sport and in your head, there are many questions and thoughts on running. Too many guides give you very general advice – like, run 3 times …